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In the past hour, a picture of my cat has earned over 400 notes. It’s up to over 500.

This cat has at least 4x the number of notes of anything I’ve ever created.

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Webcams pt. 2 

Webcam acquired. Thanks for the suggestions! I ended up getting the Windows Studio, because it can screw onto my tripod, but the specs are pretty similar to the Logitech c9whatever. Test videos soon?

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I’m in the process of trying to find a good (but reasonably priced) webcam for painting tutorials, or even just talking through methods to start. Mine is a Logitech C270, and it is just the worst. I don’t need the most crisp details, but it’d be nice to be able to make out features.

Any of you have any suggestions?

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If there’s anything that I haven’t replied to, let me know. I am not the best with organization, and I’d hate to miss something.

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tippy98 asked » "How do you do rust effects?"

I have a couple of different methods. Using the new Citadel Effects Ryza Rust is very effective - especially over their Typhus Corrosion. That’s what I’ve used recently, along with a Seraphim Sepia wash.

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Anonymous asked » "You are so amazing in every way. Your art is frikken amazing. You're super nice. Your face is like... wowowowowow! When I talk to you i'm in awe of how wonderful a person you are. You don't deserve any of the hardship you endure, but I wish you the best of luck! Have a wonderful day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

My goodness. I’m not sure I deserve all of that, but thank you so much.

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Anonymous asked » "i wasn't paying attention when i scrolled past the selfies of you in the blue top and i didnt register that the shadows were part of your arm and thought you had the weirdest skinniest arm i'd ever seen omg (you look great in those pictures though) and i'll see myself out now"

Haha I love this so much! Thank you for sharing this with me. To be fair, my skin color is almost the exact same as the wood behind me, so I totally get it.

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highkingofskyrim asked » "Hey, did you see my Grey Knight? I'm actually really proud of him."

I did! Looks very smooth and clean. Nice work. :D

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Logan’s ready to paint, but the Vallejo Air Brass and grey blue color I ordered haven’t arrived. Maybe look for some wolf WiPs soon?

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I love this shade of blue.

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okay look. more selfies. they make me feel good. Logan’s drying, and I had nothing else to do.

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Games Workshop Pre-Orders Warhammer: The End TImes


The End Times cometh and with them them the epic and awesome looking Montarchs of the Conclave of Death.

We would love to hear what you guys think and to get the take on The End Times from some of our more Fantasy-minded Allies.

For more rumours about The End Times, as well as some Dark Eldar whisperings, check out this week’s Darth Sebious’ News Holocron here.

- Darth Sebious

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Anonymous asked » "Speaking of paint thinning. What sort of ratio would you use for basing/details?"

If it’s sand or something, I usually don’t thin paints much if at all. I paint rocks and other stuff the same way I’d paint armor, though - pretty meticulously. I use a wet palette and a tiny bit of acrylic thinner to get the consistencies I want. I tend to thin very little for base coats, and move up to about 50/50 from then on.

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jay-pliskin asked » "hey, you are really attractive :)"


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firstrankfire asked » "Hey Lassie, what's the new Logan model like? I've not had a chance to see it yet. Cheers!"

Hehe, I love autocorrect. I actually really like the scene. I’m not sure why some aren’t into it - the fine details are phenomenal. Just his model alone is worth it. I think that maybe the wolves are a bit wonky, but the sleigh itself has highly detailed ornamentation which really makes it stand out. Can’t wait to slap some paint on it.

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